BP&O Collections — Business Cards No.1

Curated by Richard Baird.

The Best Business Cards 2014

A gallery of the most interesting business cards reviewed and published on BP&O. These typically and effectively balance graphic design, material and print finish and often utilise colour, type, form and texture contrast to contribute to a distinctive brand identity. This collection features uncoated and coated papers, edge painted detail, surface embosses, foil finishes, dyed boards, duplex and triplex material processes as well as folds and die cuts.

This post was created as another way to quickly browse through BP&O’s content and get access to older but equally interesting projects through different themes, in this instance business cards. These posts will continue to be expanded upon in the near future and will include menus, logotypes and stationery as well as more business cards under the category The Best of BP&O. This series can be subscribed to here. If you have any suggestions for further topics let me know.


Ritualize designed by Shorthand Studio


Duplex business cards for Ritualize designed by Shorthand Studio


Aspira Urval designed by BVD


Dyed board and black foil business cards for Aspira Urval designed by BVD


Skovin designed by Heydays


Wood veneer business cards for Skovin designed by Heydays


Mitsuori Architects designed by Hunt & Co.


Business cards with crease and white ink detail for Mitsuori Architects designed by Hunt & Co.


Echo designed by Trüf


Moo printed luxe business cards for Echo designed by Trüf


Shaun Ford designed by Savvy


Business cards with copper foil detail for Shaun Ford designed by Savvy


Carin Wilson designed by Studio Alexander


Blind embossed and triplexed business cards for Carin Wilson designed by Studio Alexander


Tamarindo designed by La Tortilleria


Business cards for Tamarindo designed by La Tortilleria


Passport designed by Passport


Colorplan embossed business cards for Passport designed by Passport


Collective designed by Hey


Triplex business cards for Collective designed by Hey


Fatherly designed by Apartment One


Business cards for Fatherly designed by Apartment One


Biju designed by ico


Business cards for Biju designed by ico


Bec Brittain designed by Lotta Nieminen


Copper block foiled coloured board business cards for Bec Brittain designed by Lotta Nieminen


Dosatres designed by Comite


Coloured board business cards for Dosatres designed by Comite


Taidehalli designed by Tsto


Blue board business cards with white ink detail for Taidehalli designed by Tsto


Adlin Inc. designed by Apartment One


Edge painted business cards for Adlin Inc. designed by Apartment One


Studio Aves designed by Build


Digitally printed business cards for Studio Aves designed by Build


Dadadum designed by Demian Conrad Design


Edge painted business cards for Dadadum designed by Demian Conrad Design


Fort Standard designed by Studio Lin


Silk screened business cards for Fort Standard designed by Studio Lin


KVGD designed by Kerr Vernon


Colorplan duplex business cards for KVGD designed by Kerr Vernon


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