The Best of BP&O — Business Cards No.6

Curated by Richard Baird.

The Best of BPO - Business Cards No.6

The sixth collection of business cards reviewed and published on BP&O. Between them, these highlight how colour, type, form and texture contrast, delivered through a combination of graphic design, material choice and print finish, contribute to a distinctive and communicative brand identity. As with earlier sets, this selection includes uncoated and coated boards, papers from Colorplan and Arjowiggins, edge painted detail, surface embosses and foils. Featured studios include Karoshi, BVD, Werklig and Atipo.

This post was published as a quick way to browse through BP&O’s content and gain access to older but equally interesting projects through different themes, in this case business cards, and expands upon previous posts under the category The Best of BP&O. This series can be subscribed to here.


The Stow Brothers designed by Build


Edge painted business card design by Build for East London estate agent The Stow Brothers


Bray & Slaughter designed by Mytton Williams


Business card design by Mytton Williams for Bristol based construction contractor Bray & Slaughter


Iannilli designed by Savvy


Business card design with gold block foil detail for traditional Italian restaurant Iannilli by Savvy


Mr Big Stuff designed by Can I Play


Business card design for Australian bar and restaurant Mr Big Stuff by Can I Play


NB Flowers designed by Karoshi


Duplex business card design with gold foil detail for florist NB Flowers by Karoshi


Helsinki Food Company designed by Werklig


Pistachio Colorplan business card for Helsinki Food Company by Werklig


GR Communications designed by Ascend


Bright coloured business card design by Ascend for PR business GR Communications-01


Andrew Schweitzer designed by Studio Constantine


Business card design by Studio Constantine for photographer Andrew Schweitzer Foto


Michael Barley Photography designed by 3advertising


Letterpress, mixed fibre business card with sticker detail and die cut window by 3advertising for photographer Michael Barley


Julia Denes designed by Sammut


Letterpress business card for jewellery designer Julia Denes by Studio Sammut


RNC Translations designed by Studio Constantine


Spray painted business card for RNC Translations by Studio Constantine


Sifang Art Museum designed by Foreign Policy


Business card for Sifang Art Museum by Foreign Policy


Melt designed by Can I Play


Business cards for Melbourne Pizzeria Melt by Can I Play


Whisky Ambassador designed by O Street


Blind embossed business card for Whisky Ambassador by O Street


Matthias Jersild designed by BVD


Business card for Swedish copywriter Mattias Jersild by BVD


Bed Roc designed by Perky Bros


Edge painted business card for technological consultancy firm Bed Roc by Perky Bros


The Honours designed by Touch


Gold foiled business card for Edinburgh based brasserie The Honours by Touch


Nosive Strukture designed by Bunch


Triplex business card for structural engineering firm Nosive Strukture by Bunch


Sébastien Bertrand Gallery designed by Neo Neo


Black business card with white ink for Galerie Sébastien Bertrand by Neo Neo


Townhouse designed Koniak


Business card with blind emboss for Tel Aviv hotel Townhouse by Koniak


Pact designed by Acre


Marbled business card for co-branded retail partnership Pact by Acre


254 Forest designed by Codefrisko


Pearlesque and holographic foil business card design by Codefrisko for 254 Forest


Minke designed by Atipo


Business card design for Spanish production studio Minke by Atipo

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