BP&O Collections — Custom Typography

Curated by Richard Baird.

  The Best of BP&O — Custom Typography

A collection of custom typography designed as part of a new brand identity project, reviewed and published on BP&O. Between them, these highlight how sans-serif reduction and serif flourish, and significant character or nuance can contribute to a distinctive and communicative brand identity. This selection includes inline, monolinear, extended, condensed, calligraphic, brush drawn and metal type-inspired examples, and features the graphic design studios Lundgren+Lindqvist, Designers Anonymous, Shore and Bunch, amongst many others.


Edouard Malingue designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist & Think Work Observe


Custom, monolinear, sans-serif typography for Edouard Malingue Gallery designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist


Bespoke by DIA


Wordmark and custom typeface by New York based DIA for boutique retouching business Bespoke


Faust by Snøhetta


Brand identity and custom typography by Snøhetta for Oslo-based high-end shoemaker Faust


Helsinki City Museum by Werklig


Custom typography by Finnish studio Werklig for Helsinki City Museum


OpenView by Pentagram


Custom typography by Pentagram for Boston-based venture capital firm OpenView.


Sentralen by Metric Design & Ellmer Stefan


Brand identity and custom typography for Oslo-based cultural centre and co-working space Sentralen by Metric Design in collaboration with Ellmer Stefan, Norway


BIFAN 2016 by Studio fnt


Custom typography for BIFAN 2016 by Studio fnt


Brewdog Abstrakt by O Street


Custom typeface designed by O Street for limited edition craft beer concept Abstrakt from Brewdog


Embla by A Friend Of Mine


Custom typeface by A Friend Of Mine for Melbourne restaurant and wine bar Embla


Paco Rabanne by Zak Group


Custom typeface for French fashion label Paco Rabanne designed by UK based Zak Group


Have A Good Day Films by Hey


Custom typography for Have A Good Day Films by Hey


Croxley Park by Blast, United Kingdom


Copywriting and custom typeface by Blast for UK business park Croxley Park


Teabox by Pentagram


Custom typography for tea subscription service Teabox by graphic design studio Pentagram, United StatesCustom typography for tea subscription service Teabox by graphic design studio Pentagram, United States


Estones de Mishima by Folch




Moomin by Bond


Custom typography by graphic design studio Bond for the Moomin brand


Brewer St. designed by Designers Anonymous


Custom serif typography for Brewer St. designed by Designers Anonymous


Interior XIII designed by Anagrama


Custom, bold, sans-serif typography for Interior XIII designed by Anagrama


Edvard Munch designed by Snøhetta


Custom, inline, condensed, sans-serif typography for Edvard Munch designed by Snøhetta


The Collection of A. Alfred Taubman by Franklyn


Custom typography for The Collection of A. Alfred Taubman by Brooklyn based graphic design studio Franklyn


Åhléns Hem designed by Twenty-five Art House


Custom typography for Åhléns Hem by 25AH


Global Art Project designed by Work In Progress


Custom, hand drawn, calligraphic typography for Global Art Project designed by Work In Progress


Kate Wallich designed by Shore


Custom, condensed, sans-serif typography for Kate Wallich designed by Shore


Clay designed by Designbolaget


Custom, inline, uppercase typography for Clay designed by Designbolaget


Flow Festival 2015 designed by Bond


Custom typography for Flow Festival 2015 by Bond


Nuts.com designed by Pentagram


Custom typography designed by Pentagram for nut, snack, tea and coffee brand Nuts.com


The Tomato Stall designed by Designers Anonymous


Custom, uppercase, serif typography for The Tomato Stall designed by Designers Anonymous


Here East designed by dn&co. Colophon & Dalton Maag


Custom sans-serif typography for Here East designed by dn&co.


Streat designed by Kokoro & Moi


Custom hand drawn typography for Streat designed by Kokoro & Moi


Wine Fandango designed by Moruba


Custom condensed sans-serif typography for Wine Fandango designed by Moruba


Léon Courville Vigneron designed by lg2 boutique


Extended, custom, sans-serif typography for Léon Courville Vigneron designed by lg2 boutique


Silver & Green designed by Salad


Custom hand painted typography for Silver & Green designed by Salad


Egeran designed by Project Projects


Custom typography for Egeran designed by Project Projects


Fazer Cafe designed by Kokoro & Moi


Custom, uppercase, sans-serif, typography for Fazer Cafe designed by Kokoro & Moi


Cerovski designed by Bunch


Custom monolinear typography for Cerovski designed by Bunch


Intu designed by Heydays


Custom monolinear typography for Intu designed by Heydays


Decontoured designed by Bunch


Custom, monolinear, geometric, sans-serif typography for Decontoured designed by Bunch


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Kyrö Distillery Company designed by Werklig


Custom monolinear sans-serif typography for Kyrö Distillery Company designed by Werklig

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