Queremos Sonreír by Mucho

Words by Richard Baird

Book designed by Mucho for Trànsit Projectes publication Queremos Sonreír

Queremos Sonreír – Activar la Cultura Local (We want to smile – Activating local culture) brings together the voices of a variety of cultural agents–from citizen collectives and activists to artists and managers of cultural programmes–who are generating actions that intend to stimulate local culture, empower citizens, develop learning processes and further critical thinking. Through these voices the book explores questions around citizen participation and cultural practices, cultural activation and alternative ways of developing and accessing cultural capital.

The book is the result of a long research process led by Trànsit Projectes, who partnered with Mucho on the design of the project’s material form. Mucho worked on concept, design, and art direction with the the themes of cultural participation and visibility as central themes.Tthese manifest themselves by way of a striking use of colour and type, and book jacket that folds out and channels the provocative visual language of protest banners with the exclamation, queremos sonreír, or we want to smile.

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Northstar Film Alliance by Bond

Opinion by Richard Baird

Business card design with a fluorescent paper designed by Bond for the Northstar Film Alliance

North Star Film Alliance (NSFA) is a joint venture between Estonia, Latvia and Finland. The Alliance intends to develop and promote themselves as one filmmaking region to international film and TV productions. It is a competitive marketplace, with other countries provide low tax rates and incentives to film big-budget spectacles on their stages using local crews. Together, the three countries offer a diverse and unspoilt nature, architectural diversity, political stability, cost effective production and infrastructure, as well as international travel hubs and the best drone pilots for arial footage. Design studio Bond recognised that the challenge lay, not only in developing an immediate and striking visual identity, but to establish a framework, codified in a new brand guidelines document, that could support and collectively raise the profiles of multiple cross-border partners in the Alliance.

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