Primitive Trust by Post

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Covers, labels and packshots by London-based Post for Will Saul and Tom Mangan's collaborative partnership Primitive Trust

Primitive Trust is the collaborative project of musicians Will Saul and Tom Mangan, and is based around the tools at hand. These included Ableton, an MPC 2000, Roland 101, Fender Rhodes, FX pedals and Juno. From these three EPs were created; Little Love, Fallen Down and Power On. Each EP features two or three original tracks linked by a creative approach that blends available tech, creative collaboration, instinct and feeling. The duo worked with London-based Post to develop covers, labels and pack shots. These incorporate commissioned artwork from renowned Californian illustrator Geoff Mcfetridge alongside bright colour blocking and hand lettering.

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Essem Design Product Catalogue 2018 by Bedow

Opinion by Richard Baird

Design illustration and art direction by Bedow for Essem Design's 2018 product catalogue

In 2014 Bedow worked with Essem Design, a Swedish manufacturer of artisanal hallway products and furniture, to develop a new graphic identity. This included logotype, adverts, catalogue, product sheet and stationery design. The concept was based around the simple gesture “Hej—Hej då”, hello and goodbye in Swedish and a reference to the most common phrase used in the hallway.

This verbal gesture was visualised using Commercial Type’s Dala Moa, paired with Futura, and played out across a brochure and stationery set of white and unbleached papers. The result balanced a playful and personable expression with the functional and crafted. This is expanded on and further explored throughout Essem Design’s 2018 product catalogue, also designed by Bedow, in the approach to art direction, colour, form and illustration.

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Wiener Moderne 2018 by Seite Zwei

Opinion by Richard Baird

Visual identity system, posters, postcards, banners and bags by Seite Zwei for Wiener Moderne 2018

To mark the 100th anniversary of the passing of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Otto Wagner and Koloman Moser, four greats of Viennese Modernism, The Vienna Tourist Board is dedicating the year to bringing to light their collective talents and stories. Wiener Moderne 2018 will take the form of public exhibitions and events, promoted through national and international campaigns, and unified by a distinctive graphic identity system created by Austrian design studio Seite Zwei. This links a variety of print and digital communications, from banners, posters and programmes to website and outdoor displays of motion graphics.

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