Enter Arkitektur by Lundgren+Lindqvist

Opinion by Richard Baird

Logo and hand-bound notebooks designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist for Swedish architecture studio Lundgren+Lindqvist

Enter Arkitektur is a Swedish two-office architectural practice located in the cities of Jönköping and Gothenburg. It has a rich history that goes back to the 1950’s and a portfolio that moves between residential housing and commercial building projects.

In response to restructuring and expansion, the practice worked with Lundgren+Lindqvist to develop a graphic identity that would better represent their legacy, contemporary structures and forward outlook. This builds out the arrow of their original identity—maintaining some form of continuity—into a more distinctive and immediate architectural motif, pairing this with type, introducing a broader colour palette and creating a new online platform to showcase Enter Arkitektur’s work.

To mark the launch of their new graphic identity, Lundgren+Lindqvist developed a range of gifts. These included illustrative A5 postcards, gift wrap to coincide with Christmas, knitted scarves, silkscreened tote bags and hand-bound notebooks alongside more formal documents and assets such as brand guidelines, stationery set, business cards and website.

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Studio Showcase: Bond

Selected by Richard Baird.

A continually updated gallery of graphic design work created by Bond reviewed and published on BP&O. Bond is a design studio that began in Helsinki, and expanded to include offices in Abu Dhabi, London, and opened a four office in 2018 in the Estonian city of Tallin. BP&O has been following and writing about Bond since 2012, finding their work to confidently move between the reductive and iconic and the rich and illustrative. Occasionally it can be austere and geometric or playful and organic in its form language, and while often visually diverse, projects typically share a strong singular idea expressed in an immediate and compelling manner.

Highlights include their graphic identity for Paulig Kulma, a coffee shop, roastery and barista institute in Helsinki. This stood out for the modular continuity that the studio established between an adaptable multi-functional space of moveable furniture, and a flexible system of graphic cubes and squares, and the way these interact in print and throughout the space.

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The East Cut by Collins

Opinion by Richard Baird

Graphic identity and hoarding designed by Collins for the new San Francisco neighbourhood of The East Cut

The East Cut unifies the three distinct downtown San Francisco areas of Transbay, Folsom and Rincon Hill into a single and modern metropolitan community. It is a unique an area, now recognised by Google Maps, that contains the newest and largest building in the city but also those that are the oldest and historically rich. Collins worked to develop a name and graphic identity for this new neighbourhood that would resolve and express its historical context and its reinvigorated and modern outlook. This links a variety of print and digital communications that included posters, business cards, hoardings, signage and website.

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