Port of Mokha by Manual, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Packaging design by Manual for Port of Mokha's Yemen Trilogy Box Set, an exclusive and award winning coffee

Port of Mokha is a coffee, sourced from Yemen, that is said to be the rarest, most expensive and best tasting in the world. As a brand is both critically acclaimed, winning awards and receiving the highest ratings in blind cuppings, and mindful, helping to support local communities.

Port of Mokha’s story begins with the return and daring escape of Yemeni founder and San Francisco-based Mokhtar Alkhanshali from war-torn Yemen on a fishing boat with coffee samples which made international news in 2015. This forms part of Port of Mokha’s unique mythology and visual identity, and alongside geographical allusions and material value across the Yemen Trilogy Box Set which was developed by American design studio Manual.

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DomésticoShop & DomésticoMarket by Mucho, Spain

Opinion by Richard Baird.

New graphic identity and bags designed by Mucho for Spanish furniture retailer DomésticoShop

DomésticoShop is online retailer of designer homeware which has grown to become the leader in the Spanish market. It stocks an array of items, from furniture and kitchenwear to textiles and lighting. To coincide with the launch of Doméstico’s concept store DomésticoMarket, and the opening of a new flagship store in Barcelona, the retailer worked with Mucho to revise its brand architecture and visual expression. This included a new wordmark, a graphic identity of modern colour and form, and material assets that included bags, stickers, swing tags and signage.

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BP&O Collections — Multi-coloured

Selected by Richard Baird.

BP&O Collections — Multi-coloured Branding & Packaging

A continually updated collection of graphic identities and packaging design work, reviewed and published on BP&O, that feature a distinctive multi-coloured component. Between them, and in conjunction with form and context, these bring to light how the use of three or more colours can catch the eye and convey creative energy without appearing complex or overwhelming. This post includes a variety of print collateral, from business cards and stationery to wine labels and menus, and covers work for design events, restaurants and museums. Featured studios include Collins, Underline Studio and Triboro. Click through to get a sense of how these fit within a broader brand identity program and the communicative intentions that underpin aesthetic choices. Check out plenty more at BP&O – Collections or subscribe to the series here.

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