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BP&O Collections — Business Cards No.3

Opinion by Richard Baird Posted 17 October 2014


The third collection of business cards reviewed and published on BP&O. These typically balance graphic design, material choice and print finish and often utilise colour, type, form and texture contrast to contribute to a distinctive brand identity. As with the first and second sets, this selection features uncoated and coated papers, edge painted detail, surface embosses, foils, dyed and unbleached boards and triplex material processes. Featured studios include Werklig, Heydays, Bielke+Yang and Build.

This post was published as a quick way to browse through BP&O’s content and get access to older but equally interesting projects through different themes, in this case business cards, and expands upon previous posts under the category BP&O Collections. This series can be subscribed to here. If you have any suggestions for further themes let me know.

MHM Architects designed by 26 Lettres

Business card design with copper ink and blind emboss finish for MHM Architects by 26 Lettres

Brae designed by Studio Round

Business card design with coloured paper and blind emboss detail for restaurant Brae by Studio Round

Peter Ahrens designed by Studio Jubilee

Business card design for Peter Ahrens by Studio Jubilee

Mellbye designed by Heydays

Business card design with white ink, coloured card and blind emboss detail for architecture studio Mellbye by Heydays

Haverstock designed by Spy

Business card design with white ink, coloured and unbleached material detail for architectural practice Haverstock by Spy

KMP designed by Studio8585

Business card design with white ink and coloured paper detail for dental practice KMP by Studio 8585

Apartment A designed by Say What Studio

Business card design for gallery, bar and cocktail academy Apartment A by Say What Studio

Bambudda designed by Post Projects

Business card design for Vancouver Chinese restaurant Bambudda by Post Projects

Giles Duley designed by Shaz Madani

Business card design with unbleached card and blind embossed detail for photographer Giles Duley by Shaz Madani

Intu designed by Heydays

Business card design with UV varnish detail for accounting and consultation firm Intu by Heydays

Single Origin Roasters designed by Maud

Business card design for coffee roasters Single Origin by Maud

Vitenparken designed by Bielke+Yang

Business card design for science centre Vitenparken by Bielke+Yang

Nina Jobs designed by BVD

Business card design with pink paper and black foil detail for industrial designer Nina Jobs by BVD

Numbered by Martín Azúa designed by P.A.R

Business card design for handcrafted home-ware range Numbered by Martín Azúa by P.A.R

Giant Owl Productions designed by Alphabetical

Business card design with green paper, yellow ink and blind emboss detail for production company Giant Owl by Alphabetical

Jeffrey’s designed by FÖDA Studio

Business card design with gold ink and laid and dyed paper detail for restaurant Jeffrey's of Austin by Foda

Generation Press designed by Build

Business card design with blue edge painted detail for printer Generation Press by Build

Molly Watson designed by Studio Blackburn

Business card design with black card and yellow foil detail for communication consultant Molly Watson by Studio Blackburn

Finsta designed by Werklig

Business card design with coloured card detail for Finnish law firm Finista by Werklig

Goa Arkitektkontor designed by Heydays

Business card design with black foil detail for architecture firm Goa Arkitektkontor by Heydays