The Best of BP&O — July 2016

Selected by Richard Baird.

The Best of BP&O – July 2016

July’s highlights included Garbett’s brand identity for all-natural and vegan donut bakery Happy Maple, Stitch Design Company’s work for Smithey Ironware Company, and Also Design’s brand identity for small Chicago restaurant Giant. However, there were five projects that stood out, and have made it into BP&O’s Best Of Series.

This feature brings together some of the most unexpected and unusual projects published on the site each month for another opportunity to be seen and shared. These typically balance a strong communicative concept with a compelling aesthetic that appropriately plays with a mix of material colour, texture and image, form, type, layout and print finish.


Rattis Books by The Counter Press, United Kingdom


Branding by London-based design studio, private press and typography workshop The Counter Press for UK independent publisher Rattis Books.

Rattis Books is a new London-based independent publisher that celebrates the convergence of traditional and modern print processes and has a firm belief that the book is an art object. To help convey this, the publisher worked with design studio, private press and typography workshop The Counter Press to create their brand identity, and the design for their first book Tiro, a collection of football writings.

Taking their cues from the name, Latin for raft or ship, and the publisher’s processes and beliefs, The Counter Press created a simple but neat logo and logotype combination, printed this across triplex business cards and weighty bookmarks with a deep impression, and used hand-inked and letterpress elements in their design of Tiro.

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Linden Staub by Bibliothèque, United Kingdom


Linden Staub by Bibliothèque, United Kingdom

Linden Stuab is a UK-based model agency challenging industry conventions with their mantra ‘Empowering Women’, and by acting as a mother agency to all of their models. The name Linden Staub, derived from the maiden names of the two founding partner’s mothers, is an expression of this, and alongside the agency’s strong human-focus, was the basis for their new brand identity, created by graphic design studio Bibliothèque. This links a variety of collateral, from stationery and business cards to model cards, tote bags and a new digital platform that takes a journal-like approach to content.

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Embla by A Friend Of Mine, Australia


Embla by A Friend Of Mine, Australia

Embla is a new wine bar and restaurant located in Melbourne’s inner city, created by Christian McCabe, the man behind The Town Mouse. It has an interior of wood surfaces, exposed floor beams and brick walls, warm low hanging lighting and a large frameless glass front. Embla’s brand identity, designed by local graphic design studio A Friend Of Mine and based around a custom typeface, draws its inspiration from the hand painted vintage signage that proliferates the neighbourhood, and is visualised as a custom typeface. Alongside torn paper, fabric texture and stained timber, this links menusbusiness cards and website.

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Paley by Mucca, United States


Paley by Mucca, United States

Paley is a restaurant located in Columbia Square, Los Angeles, the former headquarters of CBS and its pioneering chief: William S. Paley, from which the restaurant draws its name. Paley features a distinctive interior, designed by Bishop Pass, of mid-century detailing that recalls Hollywood’s heyday, which comes through in the mix of wood panelling, gilded surfaces, and period-style furniture, fixture and fittings.

Paley’s brand identity, created by New York-based graphic design studio Mucca and extending across menus, wine lists, business cards, coasters and website, plays with the building’s broadcast history and shares a commonality with interior through geometric form and pattern, a contrast of type and high-quality material choices and print finishes.

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Gretas by 25AH, Sweden


Gretas by 25AH, Sweden

Gretas is a café set within the Haymarket, a hotel located at the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. The building was formerly home to a famous department store that dates back to the early 20th century and was the place where actress Greta Garbo was discovered while working at one of the concessions.

25AH, the Scandinavian graphic design studio behind Haymarket’s own brand identity, as well as Paul’s, a restaurant also situated within the hotel, worked on the brand identity for Gretas. Where Paul’s was darker and more robust in colour and type, inspired by the hotel’s signage, Greta’s is light and personable, drawing on an informal interior, whilst working in the iconic status and history of its location through name and illustration.

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From last month:

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