BP&O Collections — Animated Logos

Curated by Richard Baird.


A collection of the most interesting animated logos, flexible logos and dynamic logos and logotypes reviewed and published on BP&O. This selection features a variety of animation techniques in service of a concept that contributes to a distinctive brand identity solution. Featured studios include Bunch, Alphabetical, Bond and Bedow.

This post was published as a quick way to browse through BP&O’s content and gain access to older but equally interesting projects through different themes, in this case animated logos, and expands upon previous posts under the category The Best of BP&O. This series can be subscribed to here.


Blå Bär by BVD, Sweden


Animated logotype by Swedish studio BVD for Blå Bär, an Osaka-based retailer of Scandinavian goods


Run Mfg by Perky Bros, United States


Animated logo by Perky Bros for Chicago-based independent race design and production company Run Mfg


Erik Penser Bank by Bedow


Animated logo for Sweden's leading private banking firm Erik Penser Bank designed by Bedow, Stockholm


Common Lot by Perky Bros




OpenView by Pentagram


Brand identity and animated wordmark by Pentagram for Boston-based venture capital firm OpenView.


Stevenson Systems by Socio Design


Stevenson Systems designed by Socio Design


Fab Media by Bedow


Animated logotype by Stockholm-based Bedow for Swedish media company Fab Media


Flight by DIA


Animated logo for PR firm Flight designed by DIA


Embla by A Friend Of Mine


Wordmark, custom typeface, menus and business cards by A Friend Of Mine for Melbourne restaurant and wine bar Embla


Lux Capital by Mucho


Animated logo for Lux Capital designed by Mucho


EAT by Fable


Animated logotype by Fable for EAT, the second installation of a two-year long series of exhibitions on Singapore's food culture


Faymus by Studio Brave




Designtorget by Kurppa Hosk


Animated logo for Swedish contemporary furniture and design retailer Designtorget by Kurppa Hosk


Have A Great Day Films by Hey


Animated logo for Have A Great Day Films by Hey


Terri Timely by Bedow


Animated logo for Californian directing duo Terri Timely by Bedow, Sweden


Delfina Foundation by Spin


Animated logo for Delfina Foundation designed by Spin

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  • Debbie Martin

    Do you know that thing about finding yourself doing something you use to hate when your mum does it? That is going to happen right now. I usually hate when someone suggest an element not found in a gorgeous compilation. This one is, but I have my suggestion: http://thewoork.co/?portfolio=viva-pop-up-2 Hate me freely 🙂 Awesome inspiration as always. Thank you.

    • Sure I understand, however, each of these is part of an identity project that has been reviewed on BP&O.

      • Debbie Martin

        Thank you Richard and forgive the intermission.

        • Anonon

          Lol, “forgive the intermission”. Kiss-ass. It’s a comment section for a reason.

          • Vigalante

            You’re a dick, she’s trying to be polite.

    • That project looks awesome.

  • This is a wonderful collection, Richard – thank you for putting it all together. I’ve noticed a wonderful influence from the “responsive design” school of thought behind many of these examples which I think are very useful as long as their implementation guidelines are elegantly thought out. I think the Hay Market, RIKS and modhouse examples have this absolutely spot on!

    • Delighted to read that you like the post and that the concept-driven nature of these. I’ll keep updating the article when new dynamic logos get reviewed on the site.


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