Freigeist Zine Issue 3

Freigeist was a popular concept within 18th Century German literature and journalism. It was used to describe those who believed that thinking should not be constrained by certain fundamental and non-contestable values, traditional ideas and established channels of distribution. The concept of the “free-spirit” and of free-thinking is also a recurring theme within Nietzsche’s own philosophy. Although, at first glance, the Freigeist concept may appear as lacking complexity, Nietzsche found a philosophical significance within it. To him, it was more than an invocation towards individuality and the subversion of expectation but the search for and liberation of a spirit. In this third issue of Freigeist, conceptualised, designed and edited by Richard Baird and published by BP&O, the search for that spirit continues in the form of a lecture-turned-zine. This lecture was delivered to the Falmouth MA Graphic Design program in 2020 and will again be presented as part of an online event on Tuesday 11th August. Tickets are available now on Eventbrite and order the zine here.

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Freigeist Live! Lecture & Zine Launch

Join Richard Baird (BP&O & LogoArchive) on the 11th of August at 7pm BST for a lecture over Zoom on writing as a catalyst for creativity in graphic design and other related (and unrelated) ideas. The format will be a lecture with slides, with time for questions, statements and conversation. As the lecture is the zine and the zine the lecture tickets include a copy of this latest issue with free international postage. Sign-up here or visit the LogoArchive Shop to order your copy.