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Menu Design – The Best of BP&O

A round-up of restaurant, cafe, bar and pub menu designs published on BP&O. This collection features a blend of material and print finish, iconography, photography and typography, and, between them, utilises colour and texture contrast to contribute to a distinctive brand identity. It also showcases a broad use of fabrics, woods, dyed, bleached and unbleached papers with a variety of surface treatments including inks, blind embosses and foils, and features graphic designs studios Round, Foreign Policy and Pentagram, amongst many others.


Pontus In The Air by Bold, Sweden


Brand identity and menu by Stockholm-based Bold featuring illustration by Klara Persson for Arlanda Airport restaurant Pontus In The Air


Chez Olivier by Swear Words, Australia


Logo, menus and business cards designed by Swear Words for Melbourne-based French bistro Chez Olivier.


Culprit by Studio South, New Zealand


Brand identity and drink menu by Studio South for Auckland bar and restaurant Culprit


Brewdog by O Street, United Kingdom


Menus that feature mixed fibre, dyed and uncoated papers, blind embossing and block foil for Brewdog designed by O Street


Maaemo by Bielke & Yang, Norway


Fabric cover menu by graphic design studio Bielke&Yang for Norwegian two Michelin starred restaurant Maaemo


Earl.67 by Glasfurd & Walker,Canada


Brand identity, logo and blue block foiled menu by Glasfurd & Walker for US and Canadian restaurant chain prototype Earls.67


Common Lot by Perky Bros, United States


Brand identity and menu with coloured papers and block foil detail by Perky Bros for Millburn, NJ, restaurant Common Lot


Sauvage by Triboro, United States


Branding and illustrated menu by New York design studio Triboro for Brooklyn cafe and bar Sauvage


Paley by Mucca, United States


Brand identity, menus and wine lists with copper block foil detail for Los Angeles restaurant Paley designed by Mucca, United States


Park Bench Deli by Foreign Policy


Brand identity and menus by Foreign Policy for Singapore's Park Bench Deli


Yo! by Paul Belford Ltd, United Kingdom


Menus for UK sushi restaurant chain Yo! by London-based design studio Paul Belford Ltd.


Landhaus Keller by Seite Zwei, Austria


Brand identity and gold foiled menu by Austrian graphic design studio Seite Zwei for Graz-based restaurant Landhaus Keller.


Moi Helsinki by Bond, Finland


Brand identity and gold foiled menu for Moi Helsinki by Bond, Finland


Full of Luck Club 福乐 by Bravo, Singapore




IDES by Swear Words, Australia


Menu and art direction by graphic design studio Swear Words for Melbourne restaurant Ides


Giant by Also Design, United States


Brand identity and menus for Chicago restaurant Giant by Also Design, United States


Brae by Round, Australia


Menu with coloured paper and blind emboss detail for Australian restaurant Brae designed by Round


Kimski by Franklyn, United States


Brand identity, illustration and menu by New York graphic design studio Franklyn for Chicago’s Korean Polish street food restaurant Kimski


Vinoteca by dn&co, United Kingdom


Copper block foiled menu for London restaurant group Vinoteca by British graphic design studio dn&co.


Tamarindo by La Tortillería, Spain


Painted wood menu for Spanish kitchen and bar Tamarindo designed by La Tortillería


Bambudda by Post Projects, Canada


Menu with gold foil detail for Canadian Chinese restaurant Bambudda designed by Post Projects


Hato by Allink, Switzerland


Brand identity and menu design for fine dining Asian restaurant Hato designed by Allink, Switzerland


Taco Republica by Bielke & Yang, Norway


Menu with wood board for Taco Republica by Bielke & Yang


Cafe Royal by Pentagram, United Kingdom


Print with coloured paper and gold foil detail for Cafe Royal designed by Pentagram


Hotel Koster by Bedow, Sweden


Illustrated menu design for Sweden's Hotel Koster designed by Bedow


Mr Big Stuff by Can I Play, Australia


Fabric menu covers by graphic design studio Can I Play for Melbourne soul food restaurant Mr Big Stuff.


CC Bar by Freytag Anderson, United Kingdom


Menu cover for Vranken:Pommery CC Bar by Freytag Anderson


Hay Market by Foreign Policy, Hong Kong


Fabric covered menu for Hong Kong restaurant Hay Market designed by Foreign Policy


Casa Virginia by Savvy, Mexico


Menus designed by Savvy for restaurant Casa Virginia


Apartment A by Say What Studio, United States


Illustrated menu for LA gallery and bar Apartment A designed by Say What Studio


Milk Lab by Studio fnt, South Korea


Illustrated menus for Milk Lab by Studio fnt


Seafarers by Inhouse, New Zealand


Menu for Seafarers designed by Inhouse


Melt by Can I Play, Australia


Menu by Can I Play for Australian pizza franchise Melt


Belle Epoque by Mind, United Kingdom


Menu for Belle Epoque designed by Mind


The Assembly by Bravo, Singapore


Dark wood backed menu for The Assembly by Bravo


The Town Mouse by A Friend Of Mine, Australia


Menu design for Melbourne bar and restaurant The Town Mouse designed by A Friend Of Mine


D / F Mexico by BuroCreative, United Kingdom


Menu for American and Mexican inspired London diner D / F Mexico designed by BuroCreative


The Honours by Touch, United Kingdom


Menu with gold foil detail for Parisian-influenced and Edinburgh based brasserie The Honours designed by Touch


Gomez by Savvy, Mexico


Wood and heat stamped menu with blue paper detail for San Pedro-based bar Gomez designed by Savvy


The Beaufort by The Company You Keep, Australia


Menu with blue tinted photos for Melbourne based themed dive bar The Beaufort designed by The Company You Keep


Iron Grill by End Of Work, Australia


Menu and signage for Iron Grill by End Of Work


Sushi & Co. by Bond, Finland


Menus for Baltic Sea cruise ship restaurant Sushi & Co. designed by Bond


Iannilli by Savvy, Mexico


Wood menu with heat stamped detail for Monterrey based traditional Italian restaurant Iannilli designed by Savvy


Festningen by Uniform, Norway


Fabric menu with salmon coloured paper detail for Norwegian brasserie Festningen designed by Uniform


Clifton Arms by Wash, United Kingdom


Wood menu with copper foil print finish for hotel, restaurant, bar and brasserie Clifton Arms designed by Wash


Fat Cow by Foreign Policy, Singapore


Menu design for Singapore beef restaurant Fat Cow designed by Foreign Policy


The Slanted Door by Manual, United States


Menu design for San Francisco based Vietnamese restaurant The Slanted Door designed by Manual


Wine Fandango by Moruba, Spain


Gold foiled menu by graphic design studio Moruba for Wine Fandango


Platform by Substrakt, United Kingdom


Menu design for London based bar and restaurant Platform by Substrakt


Smack Lobster Roll by & Smith, United Kingdom


Illustrated menu design for Smack Lobster Roll by & Smith


The Monday Room by Strategy, New Zealand


Leather bound menu with gold foil detail for Christchurch cafe and wine bar The Monday Room by Strategy


The Parcel Yard by Designers Anonymous, United Kingdom


Menu on unbleached card for British pub The Parcel Yard designed by Designers Anonymous


Ingierstrand Bad by Uniform, Norway


Fabric covered menu for Norwegian restaurant Ingierstrand Bad designed by Uniform


The Armoury by Purpose, United Kingdom


Menu design for British pub The Armoury designed by Purpose


Pablo & Rusty’s by Manual, Australia


Menu design with wood backboard for coffee shop and roaster Pablo & Rusty's designed by Manual


Torafuku by Brief, Canada


Gold foiled menus with wood backboard for contemporary pan Asian restaurant Torafuku by graphic design studio Brief


Libertine Liquor Bar by CODO, United States


Menu designed by CODO for Indianapolis liquor bar Libertine


Podi by Bravo, Singapore


Logotype and menu with wood and fabric detail designed by Bravo Company for Singapore-based organic restaurant Podi


Marco Marco by Acre, Singapore


Menu for Marco Marco by Acre


Tanoshii by Mast, United States


Menu for Tanoshii Ramen by Mast


Chavez by Föda, United States


Menu with wood detail for restaurant Chavez by Foda


Puebla 109 by Savvy, Mexico


Menu design for Puebla 109 designed by Savvy


Junction by Seesaw, Australia


Blind embossed and copper foiled leather bound menu for Junction Moama designed by Seesaw


Brass Union by Oat, United States


Menu for Brass Union by Oat


Embla by A Friend Of Mine, Australia


Menu with fabric cover and blind moss detail by A Friend Of Mine for Melbourne restaurant and wine bar Embla


Park by Glasfurd & Walker, United States


Menu design and branding for Park Restaurant and Distillery by graphic design studio Glasfurd & Walker


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