BP&O Collections – Signs & Wayfinding

Curated by Richard Baird.

  The Best of BP&O – Signage & Wayfinding

A continually updated collection of signage and way finding designed for museums, galleries, shops and bars,  as part of a new brand identity, and published on BP&O. Between them, these how a mix structure, type and iconography, material choice, surface finishes, colour and contrast can stand out, communicate and direct.

This selection features window decals, illuminated panels, neon tubes, standalone and wall mounted solutions, as well as those that have been handprinted, and includes work by graphic design studios Spy, Bond, Stockholm Design Lab and Maud, amongst many others. Click through to get a sense of how these fit within a broader brand identity program and the communicative intentions that underpin aesthetic choices. Check out more at BP&O – Collections or subscribe to the series here.


Nicollet by Pentagram, United States


Sign Design & Way-finding – Nicollet by Pentagram, New York


14 Islands by Bedow, Sweden


Sign Design – 14 Islands by Bedow, Sweden


Quad Cinema by Pentagram


Sign Design – Quad Cinema by Pentagram, United States


East Sydney Early Learning Centre by Toko


Sign Design – East Sydney Early Learning Centre by Toko, Australia


Culprit by Studio South


Sign Design – Culprit by Studio South


Yo! by Paul Belford Ltd.


Sign Design – Yo! by Paul Belford Ltd.


Here East by dn&co


Sign Design & Wayfinding – Here East by dn&co, United Kingdom


Gold—Smidt Assembly by Re-Public


Sign Design – Gold—Smidt Assembly by Re-Public


The Hyundai Department Store by Studio fnt


Sign Design & Wayfinding – The Hyundai Department Store by Studio fnt


Sauvage by Triboro


Neon Sign Design – Sauvage by Triboro


Faust by Snøhetta


Sign Design – Faust by Snøhetta


Primary by DIA


Sign Design – Primary by DIA


Kimski by Franklyn


Sign Design – Kimski by Franklyn


Learig by The District


Wayfinding – Learig by The District


Hermoso Cariño by La Tortillería


Sign Design – Hermoso Cariño by La Tortillería


Madrina by Mast


Sign Design – Madrina by Mast


Paul’s at Haymarket by 25AH


Neon Sign Design – Paul's at Haymarket by 25AH


The Working Capitol by Foreign Policy


Wayfinding Design – The Working Capitol by Foreign Policy

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