BP&O Collections – Signs & Wayfinding


Bier Bier by Tsto


Sign design for beer bar Bier Bier Tsto


Milk Lab by Studio fnt


Window decals for Milk Lab by Studio fnt


Ogeborg by Kurppa Hosk


Sign for Ogeborg designed by Kurppa Hosk


Sushi & Co. by Bond


Signage for restaurant Sushi & Co. by Finnish graphic design studio Bond


Fika by Designers Anonymous


Signage and visual identity by Designers Anonymous for Fika


Stone Way Cafe by Shore


Neon signage for Stone Way Cafe by Shore


Fosnavåg Konserthus by Heydays


Illuminated signage for Fosnavaag Cultural Centre by Heydays


Neighbourhood by Ahoy


Logo and signage for Manchester restaurant, bar and club Neighbourhood by Ahoy, United Kingdom


Seafarers by Inhouse


Signage for Seafarers designed by Inhouse


Townhouse Tel Aviv by Koniak


Interior bronze signage for Tel Aviv hotel Townhouse designed by Koniak


Moi Helsinki by Bond


Brand identity, lettering and signage for Moi Helsinki by Bond, Finland


Candlefish by Fuzzco


Signage for Candlefish designed by Fuzzco


La Pecora Bianca by Pentagram


Signage for La Pecora Bianca by Pentagram


Norwegian Academy Of Music by Neue


Visual identity and signage for Norwegian Academy Of Music by Neue


Newscope by Karoshi


Logo design and interior decals by Karoshi for Newscope Films

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